Vacationing in Paradise, aka Michigan’s west coast. Pentwater family photography

Erin and Patrick say they like to take a vacation near Lake Michigan every year. But this year the southeast Michigan family discovered Paradise, the shores near Pentwater and Ludington. A family vacation is a wonderful way to create memories, investing in a family photograph is the way to preserve those memories for years to come.

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Beach photography means Mother Nature is the boss – Ludington family photography

The Auer family of Arizona made their first ever visit to the Lake Michigan shoreline earlier this month. To commemorate their vacation they chose to invest in a family photograph on the Ludington beach. Mother Nature had other plans. The number one rule of outdoor photography is the weather is the boss. We arrived just before 8 p.m. with some very dark clouds in the northwest and sounds of thunder. The family quickly got into position and we managed to take a couple of pictures just before the rain came pouring down. Since the clouds were moving southeast, we decided to take the chance of heading south to the next beach, about 8 miles away. When we got there the rain had not yet arrived. We managed to get a couple of pictures at that location as well until the lighting conditions got too dark. We all had a great time though and hopefully gave the family some great memories.